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Philip G. "Rusty" Tullius was born in New York City, New York (1952). He has lived and worked professionally in Austin, TX, Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, TX,  Galveston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Crested Butte, Gunnison, and Pueblo, CO, Blue Springs, MO, and Kansas City, MO. 

He studied Music Composition at the University of Texas at Austin with Dr. Donald Grantham and Dr. Kent Kennan. Most of his composition studies were with Dr. David Gompper at the University of Texas at Arlington, before Dr. Gompper became Professor of Composition and Director of the Center for New Music at the University of Iowa.

Dr. Joseph Bastien, PhD, probably had the most impact on Mr. Tullius in understanding the world and its immense balancing system. Dr. Bastien is a member of the WHO. Mr. Tullius continued studying music within the context of Anthropology in studying cultures and rituals of cultures. In that regimen, he also studied the effects of music and musical effects in healing, within Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine.    

His music studies also entered the world of healing in the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington, TX. Under the direction of Dr. Nazneen Mayadas, Dr. Doreen Elliott and others, he was able to establish his own framework design for a new therapy within the Arts and Transformative Healing. 

His framework design was conducted at a national seminar for American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama in Houston, TX. 

He also met with Dr. Charles Eagle, as part of a seminar course, in Music Therapy as related to Ethnomedicine.

His music compositions have been performed in Florida, Washington state, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Missouri.

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