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We are all collaborators in creation. - Teilhard de Chardin

What a wonderful world... - Louis Armstrong








This is what we are about. These are the actions we look to accomplish. Our actions and efforts are toward these goals: 


To promote Motivation, Healing, Empowerment and Quality of Life of the Body, Mind, and Soul and our Global Community through the Arts and Liminal Movement:


- we seek to empower the individual to make healthy and holistic changes in his or her life,


- we seek to promote cultures in all their beauty as proud rich heritages and living organisms breathing hundreds of years of life into their and all people,

- we seek to promote equality of genders and ages and a healthy respect of individuals in order to build stronger, more life-giving communities.

- we seek to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities, at the same time taking responsibility for each one's actions.

- we seek to create events of change, in combination with all arts, to help improve, empower, and build up our immediate and global community - to collaborate in creation.







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