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Welcome! In this website I hope you find many things that not only interest you, but that are fun, enjoying, give you new ideas, and spur you to look more deeply at the world around us.

I want to introduce you to my life as musician, artist, composer, conductor and the facets that world reflects for me, and hopefully in some ways, for you as well.

The music I write is definitely a reflection of the world around me, its history, its present, and its future. There are so many things that affect us, are a part of us, that influence, in our immediate relationships and communities, and in the global aspects of our lives.

I do believe that what we do in our own little portion of the world has impact on things and peoples in all over our planet and throughout the universe.

In my career of pursuing music and, as Stravinsky calls it
"the poetics of music", there have been so many people who have impacted my love for music and my interest in all that music implies, that there would not be enough room on one page, in a small font, to list them all.

However, there are three people that I feel I must mention because in my later years they have not only spurred me on but have been such a large aspect of how I perceive music and its importance in all of life.

First is Dr. David Gompper, currently Professor of Composition and Director of the Center for New Music at the University of Iowa. Dr. Gompper was my true first composition professor, and it is really impossible to put into words the worlds he opened me up to in his ability to help me to learn to be a composer.

Second is

Dr. Joseph Bastien, PhD, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, whose incredible knowledge, and stimulation and drive for me to not only absorb the vast amounts of knowledge necessary to understand, in at least some conceptual way, the global aspects of everything that happens, but to work to be an impact, has and will always be at the forefront of how I seek to make music impactful in any way I can.

Third is Dr. Charles Eagle, currently, research associate and adviser, and retired professor of Music Therapy at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and editor of The Journal of Music Science, the first e-journal (still under development) to be produced by The Center for UniqResearch. Dr. Eagle was one of the first people to really open doors to a new way of looking at everythng.